Boardwalk is a premium-grade 100% solution dyed polypropylene ribbed carpet designed to provide a firm grip-even in slippery and wet conditions. Waterproof and highly UV resistant, it will stand up to the most punishing of outdoor conditions, including wind, rain and sun; year after year.

The heavy-ribbed non-slip profile make this carpet ideal for indoor and outdoor ramps, steps, walkways and entranceways. Broardwalk's solid construction also makes it suitable for heavy traffic environments such as garages and a wide range of marine uses including boat decks, gangways, ramps and pontoons.


Domestic Class -  
Commercial Class -  
Industrial Class -  
Total Thickness (mm) 7,5 mm ± 10%  
Wear Layer (mm) -  
Weight (kg/m2) ca. 0,9 kg/m2  
Fibre Weight (kg/m2) ca. 0,98 kg/m2  
Total Weight (kg/m2) ca. 1,12 kg/m2  
Backing (kg/m2) Water Resistant Resin 0.2 kg/m2  
Roll Width (m) ca. 2,0 m  
Roll Length (m) ca. 30 m  
Indentation (mm) -  
Class on Fire AS ISO9239.1  
Dimensional Stability -  
Light Fastness -  
Chemical Resistance -  
Electrical Behaviour -  
Abrasion Group -
Caster Chair -
Recyclable -  
Acoustic Noise Reduction -  
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction -  
Slip Resistance -  
Floor Heating (kW/m2) -

10 yr. Indoor
2 yr. outdoor

Boardwalk Specifications and Warranty
(pdf - 3.7 MB)
Boardwalk Fire Test Certificate-0616
(pdf - 837 kB)
lumina melbourne gris 5659048

Colour Range
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