Oneflor-Europe: ECO30

ONEFLOR EUROPE LVT Luxury Vinyl Planks are made with ECOPROTEC™ Technology, a wear layer proven to safely remove 99.9% of bacteria with superior scratch and stain resistance.

The ECOPROTEC™ active antibacterial ingredient is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency without using nano-silver.

ECO30 flooring is also ecofriendly, and is certified as having low VOCs and is phthalate-free.

ECOTECTURE™ BIO-BASED softener technology replaces conventional petroleum-based plasticisers.

Classic Oak Light Brown  
Total thickness (mm)
ca. 2.00 mm
(EN-ISO 24346)
Thickness of wearlayer (mm) ca. 0.30 mm
(EN-ISO 24340)
Commercial class:
Class 31
(EN-ISO 10874)
Industrial class:
Class 23
(EN-ISO 10874)
Plank Size (mm) 177.8mm x 1219.2mm
(EN-ISO 24342)
Packaging: Planks
Quantity / Area m2
177.8mm x 1219.2mm
22pcs. / 4.77m2
Squareness and straightness < 0.4m: ≤ 0.25mm
> 0.4m: ≤ 0.25mm
(EN-ISO 24342)
Weight (g/m2) ca. 3.3g/m2
(EN-ISO 23997)

Slip resistance R10 (DIN-51130)
DS (EN 13893)
Acoustic noise reduction 6db
(EN-ISO 717-2)
Castor chair:
continuous use
No damage
(ISO 4918)
Residual indentation (mm)
typical value
≤ 0.10mm
(EN-ISO 24343-1)
Light fastness ≥ 6
(EN-ISO 105-B02
Chemical resistance
stain resistance
Not affected (0)
(EN-ISO 26987)
Passed (EN 26987)
Dimensional stability ≤ 0.10 %
(EN-ISO 23999)
Heat resistance
0.01 K/Wm2
(EN-ISO 10456)
Fire resistance Bfl-s1  
Guarantee (years) 10 yr. Residential
5 yr. Commercial
TVOC after 28 days
(AgBB test)
(ISO 1600-9)
VOC emission class
(French regulation)
Indoor air quality
(ISO 1600-9)
Floorscore VOC test
Indoor air quality
Passed (ISO 1600-9)
Plasticker Phthalate-free  
Formaldehyde group E1 (EN 717-1)
Recyclability 100%
Oneflor ECO30 Specifications
(PDF - 667 KB)
Oneflor ECO30 Brochure
Oneflor ECO30 Maintenance
(PDF - 428 KB)
044 Golden Oak Light Natural

Colour Range
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