Novilon Flex

Novilon Flex loose lay tiles and planks are a premium luxury vinyl tile, with a transparent 1mm wear layer offering superior surface protection and dimensional stability. It is also one of the thickest planks with an overal depth of 5mm.

Novilon Flex far exceeds all multilevel development acoustic requirements which has become increasingly important in multilevel housing.

The combination of a glass fleece carrier and multiple calendered layers makes Novilon Flex unprecedented in strength, performance and quality. Beautiful designs in wood, stone and abstract designs that are easy to install, resulting in stunning and solid floors.

Novilon Flex should be fully adhered using KE-2000 or an equivalent. Application by loose laying or use of pressure sensitive adhesive will void our guarantee of dimensional stability.

lumina melbourne gris 5659048  
Total thickness (mm)
ca. 5.00mm ± 10%
(EN-ISO 24346)
Thickness of wearlayer (mm) ca. 1.00 mm ± 10%
(EN-ISO 24340)
Commercial Class:
Very heavy duty
Class 34
(EN-ISO 10874)
Industrial class:
Class 42
(EN-ISO 10874)
Tile size (mm) 500mm x 500mm
(EN-ISO 24342)
Plank size (mm) 280mm x 1500mm
(EN-ISO 24342)
Packaging: Tiles
Quantity/ Area m2
50cm x 50cm
10 pcs. / 2.5 m2
Packaging: Planks
Quantity/ Area m2
280mm x 1500mm
6pcs. / 2.52m2
Squareness and
< 0.4m: 0.25mm
0.4m: ≤ 0.35mm
(EN-ISO 24342)
Weight (g/m2) ca. 6550 g/m2
(EN-ISO 23997)
Wearlayer binder content Class T (EN 651)
Slip resistance R10 (DIN-51130)  
Acoustic noise reduction 18dB on 200mm slab with 100mm
suspended ceiling no underlay.
(EN-ISO 717-2)
Castor chair:
Continuous use
Superior (EN 425)
Residual indentation
typical value
≤ 0.04 mm
(AS-ISO 24343-1)
Light fastness Blue Scale 6/7
(EN-ISO 105-B02)
Chemical resistance Very Good
(EN-ISO 26987)
Dimensional stability ≤ 0.10 %
Heat resistance
0.25 W/K.m
(EN 12524)
Heat dissipation
0.25 W/K.m
(EN 12524)
Novilon Flex meets the requirements of EN 14041
Reaction to fire: CRF 6.6 kW/m²
Smk Dvlp 426%.min
AS 9239-1
Slip rating R10 (P3)
(AS/NZS 4586)
Thermal conductivity
0.25 W/K.m
(EN 12524)
Body voltage <2.0 kV
EN-ISO 26987
Electrical behaviour -  
Residual indentation ≤ 0.20 mm
ISO 24343-1
Guarantee (years) Lifetime Residential
10 yr. Commercial
REEAM Ratings PVC floor covering with a foam layer (EN651)
Education A+  
Healthcare A+
Domestic, Multi Residential A  
Retail, Durability A+  
Retail, Fashion A+  
Novilon Flex Fire Test Certificate
Novilon Flex Honey Elegant Oak 9084

Colour range
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