Novilon Design

Novilon Design LVT combines the beauty of wood and stone with easy maintenance and durability of vinyl flooring. Each plank and tile has unique, natural matt embossing for a realistic designer look and feel that complements any home environment.

Novilon Design is a practical floor, thanks to the ease of cleaning and the wear resistant Diamond Seal top layer. Moreover it is barefoot friendly and can be combined with floor heating or cooling. This makes Novilon Design suitable for any room in the house.

Novilon LVT is made from glass-reinforced sheet material using a 150cm calendar to guarantee a maximum of variety between items, creating an optimum random and natural effect across a room.

The collection consists of large format planks 150cm by 28cm wide and the concrete-look tiles come in 50 x 50cm squares.

lumina melbourne gris 5659048  

Total thickness (mm)
ca. 2.0mm
(EN-ISO 24346)
Thickness of wearlayer (mm) ca. 0.40 mm
(EN-ISO 24340)
Commercial class:
Heavy duty
Class 32
(EN-ISO 10874)
Domestic Class:
Class 23
(EN-ISO 10874)
Tile sizes (mm) 50cm x 50cm
80cm x 40cm
(EN-ISO 24342)
Plank sizes (mm) 100cm x 15cm
120cm x 20cm
150cm x 28cm
(EN-ISO 24342)
Packaging: Tiles
50cm x 50cm
3 m2 = 12pcs

80cm x 40cm
3.84 m2 = 12pcs

Packaging: Planks 3.0 m2 = 20pcs
2.9 m2 = 12pcs
4.2 m2 = 10pcs2
Squareness and
≤40cm ≤0.25mm
≥40cm ≤0.35mm
(EN-ISO 24342)
Weight (g/m2) ca. 28050 g/m2
(EN-ISO 23997)
Wearlayer binder content Class T (EN 651)
Slip resistance R10
(AS/NZS 4586)
Acoustic noise reduction 5 db
(EN-ISO 717-2)
Castor chair:
Continuous use
(EN 425)
Residual indentation (mm)
typical value
≤ 0.04 mm
(AS-ISO 24343-1)
Light fastness Blue Scale 6/7
(EN-ISO 105-B02)
Chemical resistance Very Good
(EN-ISO 26987)
Dimensional stability ≤ 0.10 %
Heat dissipation (W/K.m) 0.25 W/K.m
(EN 12524)
Slip rating R10
(AS/NZS 4586)
Residual indentation ≤ 0.04 mm  
Guarantee (years) Lifetime Residential
10 yr. Commercial
Novilon Design meets the requirements of EN 14041
Reaction to fire:
Critical radient flux
smoke development
>8 kW/m2
(AS-ISO 9239-1)
Thermal conductivity
0.25 W/K.m
(EN 12524)
Body voltage < 2 kV
EN-ISO 26987
Novilon Design Specifications
(PDF 289 KB)
Novilon Design W66300 Central Oak

Colour range
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